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Stay Out of Court With the Representation of Our Divorce Lawyer

Couples who are willing to negotiate their divorce peaceably regularly choose mediation. Mediation involves a private meeting at which a third party (or "mediator") is present to oversee divorce negotiations. Virtually all divorce proceedings can be handled during mediation, as long as both parties are willing to work calmly and respectfully through each arrangement. A more complex divorce may require several meetings over the span of a few months; however, simpler divorces can often be handled in one or two meetings.

Less Hassle & Headache so You Can Move Forward from Your Divorce

The process of mediation is much preferred over the hostile court environment. Our San Angelo family law attorney walks you through the procedure and makes sure you understand what is expected of you during each step. Furthermore, we are able to offer wise counsel regarding each point you visit, protecting your rights as you finalize your divorce.

Additional benefits of mediation include:

  • Less expensive than court.
  • More peaceful and private than court.
  • Gives decision control to you and your former spouse, not to a judge.

Mediation is much simpler than standing before a judge. Each party discusses points such as child support and custody, division of assets, and alimony or spousal maintenance, and comes up with a mutually agreeable plan. Once each party has reached an agreement, the mediator transcribes an official document which outlines the terms upon which you both have agreed. These agreements are presented to the court to be formalized.

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What If We Can't Agree?

Since mediation only works if both spouses are willing to respectfully discuss the divorce and agree upon an arrangement, sometimes mediation doesn't work. Situations where the separation involves hostile feelings or aggression, mediation can fail and move the divorce to court. Our goal as your attorney is to keep you out of court and counsel you as to the most productive way to handle your divorce. We help you decide where to compromise and where to stand firm.

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