Guided Child Custody Arrangements in San Angelo

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During a child custody hearing, one parent may be granted full-time custody of any children involved while the other parent establishes a visitation schedule. Before a decision is made, the courtroom will first go through the process of determining the best interest of the child or children. Child custody cases can be emotionally and logistically complicated. Before you begin this process, seek the guidance of our San Angelo family law attorney.

We have provided representation for child custody cases for several years. Our in-depth understanding of the process allows us to provide knowledgeable and insightful advice to all our clients. We prepare you for the court process, making sure you understand the factors they will consider in your case.

These factors include:

  • The wishes of a parent.
  • The wishes of the child.
  • Any evidence of physical or emotional abuse.
  • The willingness of one parent to keep an ongoing relationship between a child and another parent.

Offering Representation for Both Joint & Sole Custody Cases

A joint custody arrangement allows both parents to make decisions on the child’s behalf. These decisions include schooling and healthcare. Typically, if parents cannot come to an agreement, mediation sessions can be appointment. In sole custody arrangements, only one parent is allowed to make important decisions for the child. This parent will not need the approval of the other parent. Non-custodial parents are generally granted visitation rights.

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Since 2010, we have provided clients with access to an experienced, compassionate advocate. We prioritize the interests of your child and work with you to develop a plan of care that promotes their well being and comfort. If you have any questions for our San Angelo family lawyer, please reach out to the firm today!

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