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Helping You Decipher Texas Child Support Law

Our team at Skinner Law Firm is dedicated to helping you obtaining appropriate financial stability for your children. In Texas, child support arrangements determine an obligee and an obligor. The “obligee” is a person who is entitled to receive child support and also holds prime responsibility of the child/children. The “obligor” is required to pay child support and is known as the parent who does not hold prime custody of the child/children. A Texas court may require either or both parents to support their child until he or she turns 18 (or graduates high school), gets emancipated by marriage, or passes away.

Provide For Your Children With Our Family Law Attorney

From medical expenses, to schooling, to food and housing, raising a child or children can be very expensive. Child support laws were established to help single parents support their children to the best of their abilities. Our family law attorney at Skinner Law Firm is an experienced San Angelo child support attorney who regularly works long hours to provide clients with the best possible representation. We are protecting the interests of your children, and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

The Child Support Guidelines in Texas are as follows:

  • One Child = 20% of Net Monthly Income
  • Two Children = 25% of Net Monthly Income
  • Three Children = 30% of Net Monthly Income
  • Four Children = 35% of Net Monthly Income
  • Five Children = 40% of Net Monthly Income
  • Six Children = No less than 40% of Net Monthly Income

You Don't Have to Navigate Your Divorce Alone

Going through the process of obtaining child support is both financially and emotionally draining. Retain the services of our family law attorney at Skinner Law Firm to help alleviate the burden. Call our San Angelo family law firm at (325) 227-4429 today.