Know Your Rights When It Comes to Alimony

Our San Angelo Family Law Attorney Protects You & Your Interests

Providing a spouse with periodic payments of financial support after a divorce is commonly called alimony. In Texas, these payments are also referred to as spousal maintenance. Our San Angelo family law attorney can help you understand your rights when asking for alimony or when being asked to provide spousal maintenance payments.

Does Everyone Get Alimony?

In order for a spouse to receive any alimony, he/she must first show a lack of sufficient resources in order to provide for his/her everyday needs. The spouse seeking support must also demonstrate that finding a means of employment is difficult during the time of seeking alimony. Alimony, or spousal maintenance, and child support are normally the most common financial disputes when divorcing your spouse.

During these proceedings, the court will likely evaluate:

  • Financial resources of the spouse seeking support
  • Education and Employment Skills
  • Length of Marriage
  • Age, History of Employment, Financial Earning Ability, Signs of Emotional/Physical Abuse
  • Proof of seeking employment from the spouse trying to obtain alimony

If you currently reside in the San Angelo area and are seeking the aid of an alimony attorney, contact our family law attorney at Skinner Law Firm Attorney. We offer knowledgeable guidance and competent financial plans for any household.

Custom Payment Plans for Your Spousal Maintenance

In the Court of Law, a judge can determine whether or not alimony payments will be made in either installments or a monthly lump sum. If the spouse seeking alimony is still job searching or attending school by the time maintenance is determined, the judge can also award more time if necessary. In addition, Texas law has a limit on how much alimony a spouse can receive; the support cannot exceed $2,500 or 20% of the ex-spouse’s net monthly income.

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