Establishing Father's Rights in San Angelo

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Is the mother of your child refusing to let you see or speak to your child? Are you paying child support and she still demands to be the dominant parent? If so, seek the representation of our experienced legal team for counsel as to how to fight back for your children. Skinner Law Firm serves you with competent, intelligent legal representation.

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About Father's Rights in TX

According to Texas Law, one out of every three children born in Texas are born to parents who are not married. If a child in Texas was born with parents who are not married, the child has no legal father. In order for a father to be granted rights to his child, he will have to file a Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) and a Suit to Establish Paternity with the Courts. If the father is present in the hospital at the time of birth, the hospital will require both parents to file an AOP before the father’s name can be placed on the child’s birth certificate. If the father has not filed an AOP, he will be required to take a DNA test.

Once the DNA test shows evidence that he is the father of the child, the man can request:

  • Access to his child.
  • Primary Custody or Court Ordered Visitation.
  • Request an amendment to change the child’s last name to his last name.
  • Joint Custody of the child and access to the child’s medical and school records.

When it comes to father’s rights in Texas, a father has an uphill battle when fighting to gain access to his child. If a mother refuses to let you see your child, your only way to maintain continued access to the child is through seeking legal recourse. Skinner Law Firm guides you through the process of father's rights cases. We advise you as to the best way to proceed in order to achieve the best possible results. Whether you’re already a father or soon-to-be one, you have certain legal rights.

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