Jessica Skinner is a trained trial attorney, a product of Baylor Law School’s renowned trial practice program. Therefore, she’s not just a glorified form filler or negotiator, she’s an advocate. Your advocate. Set up a legal strategy session with us today. Sometimes you need an attorney, and sometimes you do not. Call us today and we’ll help you make an informed decision!


Family Law disputes are often the most emotionally tumultuous legal battles an individual can experience. Support systems are broken as family and friends either pick sides or try to steer clear of the situation. San Angelo Divorce Attorney Jessica C. Skinner understands how painful these issues can be, which is why she provides compassionate and personal attention to every client who acquires her services.
Jessica C. Skinner also handles all criminal matters. She will thoroughly review your criminal case and fight for your freedom. When you are accused of committing a crime, you need a smart, hard working criminal defense attorney. Contact Jessica C. Skinner today.

San Angelo Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is difficult and stressful for both spouses, but it’s even harder on the child (or children). Deciding which parents get sole custody is a difficult decision to make, even for the judge. Hiring an experienced San Angelo Divorce Lawyer can help ease the stress of a divorce. Jessica C. Skinner’s main goal is to take care of her clients and their families. She will fight diligently when it comes to the representation of parents in child custody proceedings.

San Angelo Child Custody Attorney

One way or the other, one parent will be leaving the courtroom with a broken heart. But before a decision is made, the courtroom will first go through the process of finding out the best interest of the child or children. Child custody cases can be complicated, so it’s best to seek the representation of a San Angelo Child Custody Attorney.

San Angelo Child Support Attorney

Going through the process of obtaining Child Support can be a stressful situation and most don’t want to go through it. But hiring Jessica C. Skinner as your San Angelo Child Support Attorney can put a damper on the stress levels of your case and help obtain the financial support of improving your child’s life.

If you find yourself currently going through a difficult child support case with your former spouse, contact Jessica C. Skinner at  (325) 227-4429 for your consultation with an experienced Child Support Attorney in San Angelo, Texas.

San Angelo Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested or are under investigation, you need an attorney willing and able to defend your legal rights. You need a qualified attorney that will put in the work to give you the best defense possible, a San Angelo Criminal Defense Lawyer. Jessica C. Skinner regularly handles criminal cases, including driving while intoxicated (DWI), assault, theft, drug possession, sexual assault, and much more. Contact us today to arrange a free case evaluation with Jessica C. Skinner, an experience criminal defense attorney.


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